Hi! I’m Leeann Miller.
I’ve been married to my husband “D” for almost 30 years. Wow!
D grew up in a large Amish Family in Holmes County, Ohio. We met, dated and got married in 28 days and make a lovely life together. We have 2 incredible sons, 24 and 19 years old.

By trade D is a Finish Carpenter & I have done Live television cooking segments with FOX affiliates here in Ohio since 2005. Most recently I’ve began a new journey in Fit and Showroom Modeling!

Here are a few things I believe: 

  • We are never done learning and often new things ask us to be brave!
  • We can make a difference in the lives of the people around us. Kindness and generosity are so important.
  • Life is short, so drinking the best coffee possible is a real thing.
  • If calories are going to be consumed, make sure they are delicious!
  • Love is the answer.

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